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This is a couch war multiplayer volleyball game, it's a prototype and I'd like to know if it deserve more time, or being trashed so don't hesitate to rate it and say what you think about it (truthfully). You can play from 1 to 4 players with gamepad(s), if you play it solo, you will be against an invisible wall, there is no AI yet.

LeftStick Axis: move

RightStick Axis: aim

LeftStick Button: crab walk

RightStick Button: take the ball

RT/R2: shoot (power depend on pressure)

LB/L1: jump (height depend on how long you pressed the button)

RB/R1: move faster


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volleymole_win64.zip 17 MB
volleymole_win32.zip 16 MB
volleymole_linux.zip 29 MB
volleymole_mac.zip 29 MB